Bethesda, MD Healthcare Centers: Finding Working Capital

August 31, 2017 by CNH Finance, LP in category “Financing”

Bethesda, BD healthcare centers often face challenges when trying obtain and maintain an adequate source of working capital. Far too often, banks have high requirements, and the time it takes to process loan requests means funding may not be available when it is needed most. Additionally, Bethesda, MD healthcare centers may want to avoid bank loans completely, due to existing debt from previous financing agreements. Fortunately, there is an alternative.

Working Capital For Bethesda, MD Healthcare Centers

Many Bethesda, MD healthcare centers are leveraging the value of their fixed assets to create a renewable source of working capital. Through asset based lending, healthcare centers get access to a revolving business line of credit, which can be used for anything from buying medical supplies to hiring additional staff, marketing, or anything else that is needed to continue operations.

How Asset Based Lending Works For The Medical Field

All fixed assets have an intrinsic value. Medical equipment, vehicles, inventory, receivables and more can be used to create a revolving line of credit, without placing any debt on the balance sheets. Asset based lending can be arranged quickly, and the amount of financing available to Bethesda, MD healthcare centers increases with time.

Financing That Grows With Healthcare Centers

As Bethesda, MD healthcare centers acquire new equipment, expand their transportation fleets, see an increase in receivables, along with other improvements, the new value of the fixed assets will be appraised, and the amount of funding available will be increased accordingly. Many healthcare centers use asset based lending not just as an ongoing source of working capital, but to ensure long-term growth. Because asset based lending functions in the same way as a revolving business line of credit, Bethesda, MD healthcare centers access capital as needed, instead of taking on one large sum, as with traditional bank loans. The payments are easy and manageable, and can help to increase business credit ratings, instead of negatively impacting them with debt.

Get The Working Capital Your Healthcare Center Needs

CNH Finance works with Bethesda, MD healthcare centers to provide working capital solutions. With our programs for asset based lending, Bethesda, MD healthcare centers get the funding they need, without any of the debt. Instead of relying on traditional loans and other debt-based structures, contact the experts at CNH Finance. Our asset based lending solutions keep healthcare centers running and growing in the Bethesda area.

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