Image for 'Finding Healthcare Financing with Growth Potential'
Finding Healthcare Financing with Growth Potential

Finding adequate healthcare financing can be a challenge. Finding healthcare financing that not only provides working capital but also increases the potential for growth can seem like a…

Image for 'Asset Based Lending FAQs for Healthcare Providers'
Asset Based Lending FAQs for Healthcare Providers

For healthcare providers, the financing arena can often be confusing, especially if your organization is seeking a solution outside of traditional banks. At CNH Finance, our team has…

Image for 'Leveraging Assets for Capital without Divestment'
Leveraging Assets for Capital without Divestment

The need for working capital can often place businesses in an awkward position, especially if loans are not a desired or feasible option. Funding operation out of pocket can quickly…

Image for 'Large Construction Companies Are Avoiding Debt-Based Financing'
Large Construction Companies Are Avoiding Debt-Based Financing

Currently, large construction companies are poised for growth across the country. New construction projects in big metro areas like NYC and Dallas, infrastructure contracts, repair, and…

Image for 'The Impact of Inventory on Business Financing'
The Impact of Inventory on Business Financing

From large manufacturers to import/export companies to niche online stores – inventory plays a vital role. Without inventory, businesses cannot fill customer orders. However, without…

Image for 'Uneven Revenue Cycles: How Businesses Create a Financial Buffer'
Uneven Revenue Cycles: How Businesses Create a Financial Buffer

Uneven revenue cycles are not unusual for businesses in all industries. From new and small businesses to large companies and even businesses going through growing pains, having the…

Image for 'Business Financing: How Startups Avoid the Debt Trap'
Business Financing: How Startups Avoid the Debt Trap

Like all businesses, startups need a sound strategy for financing their operations. Many startups so not have the high credit scores and financial history to access loans, and if they do,…

Image for 'Healthcare Mergers: Making a Smooth Transition'
Healthcare Mergers: Making a Smooth Transition

Mergers and acquisitions in the healthcare industry are not uncommon. In many cases, healthcare mergers provide wider coverage and quality services to a larger population in need of…

Image for 'Purchasing Materials for Your Manufacturing Company'
Purchasing Materials for Your Manufacturing Company

Manufacturers often face a dilemma when it comes to purchasing raw materials. Day-to-day operations and customer requests frequently place a strain on internal finances. The cost of raw…

Image for 'Preserve Credit Ratings and Finance Your Business'
Preserve Credit Ratings and Finance Your Business

Building and preserving business credit ratings can be a challenge, especially if you are seeking additional funding. However, there is a way to get the working capital you need without…

Image for 'Recession-Resistant Business Financing Solutions'
Recession-Resistant Business Financing Solutions

The economic climate is currently strong. Businesses are experiencing growth, and entrepreneurs are capitalizing on that growth to maintain forward momentum. However, anyone who has been…

Image for 'Traditional Lending: A Big Risk for Businesses'
Traditional Lending: A Big Risk for Businesses

Traditional lending used to be the β€œgo to” solution for businesses. Loans offered everything from startup money to growth capital and everything in between. In recent years,…


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