Growth Strategies: Identifying Potential Setbacks In Your Organization

August 31, 2017 by CNH Finance, LP in category “Financing”

Growth strategies can be very difficult to implement, especially if your business seems like it is stagnating. However, the reason for stagnation may not be external. Sometimes, entrepreneurs have to identify internal reasons for stagnation before they can successfully implement growth strategies.

Growth Strategies Require Opportunity

Look at the niche your business serves, before attempting any type of growth. Owning a franchise, for instance, may allow for growth strategies to expand coverage in a particular region. But, depending on market saturation, you may not be able to grow in your immediate area. Think about your clientele, the products and services you offer, and whether there is room to grow out, if not up. If your business has reached its limits in your particular area, maybe it is time to think about other branches in completely different locations, or perhaps you should turn your business into a franchise, and let other people build up your brand for you.


Burnout comes in many forms. Some entrepreneurs simply get into a rut where the entire business is about satisfying the needs of the customers. This is not bad, per se, because if it weren’t for customers, there would be no revenue. However, many businesses will not grow because they cannot see the forest for the trees. Other times, growth strategies go by the wayside due to boredom. Entrepreneurs get bored with their current business, and immediately want to jump on the great idea they had the other night. However, changing horses midstream is a big risk, and why would you dash it all because of boredom, when you could grow the business and bring in even more revenue?


Perhaps the biggest blocker for most entrepreneurs is the lack of capital to flip the switch on growth strategies. While the return in revenue would be greater, having the capital available to take action is a rarity for small businesses. In these cases, entrepreneurs turn to asset based solutions. Asset based solutions create a line of credit around the value of equipment, receivables, vehicles, and more, so that businesses have the capital on hand to make growth strategies actionable. What’s more, as the business grows, the amount of financing available through asset based solutions also increases, so entrepreneurs can maintain their momentum.

Learn More About Asset Based Growth Strategies

If you want to get a jump start on growing your business, or take your organization over the hurdle and into the next stage of development, contact the experts at CNH Finance.

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